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    NEUNAU - music performance
    NEUNAU - music performance
    [=== NEUNAU ===== music ==== performance =]

    h 9.30 guided tour
    h 11.30 music performance

    Ex Centrale Daste e Spalenga

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    curated by Invisible°Show
    with contemporary locus

    Decision. Direction. Step. Mark. Mirror. Projection. Refraction.

    Following these guidelines the musician Sergio Maggioni, with his ambient-industrial project Neunau, will intervene within the acoustics of the former powerhouse of Daste and Spalenga, built in 1927 and emptied of its productive role for the last 50 years. Using the same materials (concrete, iron and wood) forming the structure of this industrial cathedral, Neunau will perform departing from a live recording and a real-time manipulation of the sound of the powerhouse and the installation PASSI by Alfredo Pirri opened until July 24 for contemporary locus 10. The meeting between Alfredo Pirri and Neunau renews the collaboration between contemporary locus and Invisible°Show, at the frontier of artistic research and sound experimentation.

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    NEUNAU - music performance