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    literary contest
    literary contest
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    The literary contest related to The Blank ArtDate – The City of crossed destinies gets started.

    The Blank proposes to the public to write a short story inspired by the succession of the exhibition spaces visited during ArtDate, connecting at least 5 elements that has characterised the festival.

    The works can serve as inspiration, but also the tarots associated with the places, as well as the history of the deck of cards or the experience and production of contemporary artists.

    Thanks to the three categories in contest, The Blank offers to visitors of all ages the chance to win a xylography by Andrea Mastrovito, tickets for the Pinacoteca Carrara to see the famous Visconti-Sforza Tarots and the publication of the awarded tale in a dedicated newsletter.

    The deadline for sending the tales is the
    15 June 2016.

    Read and download the full regulations on the website www.theblank.it/literary-contest-artdate-2016/

    For further information associazione@theblank.it

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    literary contest