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    [= ARTDATE = 2023 ====== ARTIFICIO ==]

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    Contemporary Art Festival
    ARTIFICIO | 13° Ed.
    Bergamo, Brescia

    9, 10, 11, 12 November online
    16, 17, 18, 19 November Bergamo
    23, 24, 25, 26 November Brescia

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    ARTDATE 2023 – ARTIFICIOSpecial edition organised by The Blank and Palazzo Monti on the occasion of Bergamo Brescia 2023 Italian Capital of Culture

    The highlights:

    • opening of the exhibition Yayoi Kusama. Infinito Presente at Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo
    • opening of the exhibition Ghostwriting Paul Thek. Time Capsules and Reliquariesby Alessandro Di Pietro in Palazzo Monti, Brescia
    • online interviews with Domenico De Masi (sociologist); Gian Antonio Gilli (sociologist); Diana Anselmo (performer and activist); Massimo Minini (gallery owner); Arturo Galansino (Director Palazzo Strozzi)
    • performance by Effe Minelli, These Butterflies Came Back from Hell to See You
    • video projections by Marianna Simnett and Christian Marclay
    • GALLERIES TIME with the opening of galleries and exhibition spaces between Bergamo and Brescia
    • opening of private collections and artists’ studios between Bergamo and Brescia
    • live soundtrack of three films by Maya Deren, in collaboration with Bergamo Film Meeting
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