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    TB Transit Message
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    First round of participants in The Blank TR – Transit Message:

    -Enrico Ghezzi, Film critic and Television Writer for La RAI. Italian – based in Rome, Italy.

    -Nadeem Karkabi, Anthropologist, PhD at University of London, Fellow Member of The Martin Buber Society at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Palestinian-Israeli – based in East Jerusalem, Palestine/Israel.

    -Vincenzo Latronico, Novelist and Translator. Italian – based in Milan, Italy.

    -Claudia Losi, Artist. Italian – based in Piacenza, Italy.

    -Davide Luca, Geographer, PhD at the London School of Economics, 2016/17 Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Italian – based in Milan, Italy – London, UK and Istanbul, Turkey.

    -Flavia Mastrella, Artist, Sculptor and Theatre Director. Italian – based in Rome, Italy.

    -Danni Meyerson, Jewelry designer/goldsmith, Founder of Oropa Jewelry of Tel Aviv, Israel, Activist for animal rights, Founder of The Tiny Pet Rescue. American-Israeli – based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    -Neve Mazzoleni, Culture addicted, Artistic and Cultural Advisor at UniCredit, Contributor for Artribune, Che-fare, il Giornale delle Fondazioni, Arte&Imprese. Italian – based in Milan, Italy.

    -Nirith Nelson, Art Critic and Curator, Director JCVA Jerusalem Center for the Visual Arts Israel and Lecturer at Bezalel Academy, Israel. Israeli – based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    -Liliana Orbach, Interdisciplinary Artist and Independent Art Curator. Argentinean-Israeli – based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    -Antonio Rezza, Actor, Film Director and Writer. Italian – based in Rome, Italy.

    -Noam Segal, Independent Art Curator, Adjunct Professor at Bezalel Academy for art and design, Israel, Guest Editor of Bezalel magazine. Israeli – based in New York, USA, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

    -Gabriela Vainsencher, Artist, Writes about art for Hyperallergic, Tohu Magazine, and The Huffington Post, MFA Candidate at Hunter College and Lecturer at Williams College. Argentinean-born Israeli – based in Brooklyn, USA.

    -Chiara Vecchiarelli, Curator and Ph.D. at ENS Paris/University of Venice. Belgian – based in Paris, France.

    -Luca Vitone, Visual Artist. Italian – based in Berlin, Germany.

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