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    The Gift. On life and death
    The Gift. On life and death
    [== The == Gift. = On == life ==== and === death =]

    On Friday November 13, 2020 The Blank inaugurated at Palazzo della Ragione The Gift. On life and death curated by Stefano Raimondi: the exhibition is accessible thanks to the virtual guided tour by the curator and through the story of the artists, while waiting to be visited in the presence.

    The Blank presents this great collective inside Sala delle Capriate of Palazzo della Ragione, in the heart of Città Alta.
    The exhibition presents the art works of seven artists – Matilde Cassani, Alberto Garutti, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andrea Mastrovito, Jonathan Monk, Andrea Romano e Namsal Siedlecki – which, through historical works and new productions, investigate the theme of the gift, pushing towards the two extremes that determine the existence of every man: life and death.
    The exhibition is thought of as a gift of gift: giving back to the community through an artistic path that implicitly requires the public to return the gift received by offering for possible forms of collaboration with social services.
    The initiative involves seven voluntary institutions of the territory – Aiuto per l’Autonomia Odv ONLUS, Avis Provinciale Bergamo, Ente Nazionale per la Protezione degli Animali (ENPA) – sezione di Bergamo, Fabbrica dei Sogni ONLUS, Orto Botanico di Bergamo ‘Lorenzo Rota’ and Primo Ascolto Alzheimer – which, with the mediation of CSV Bergamo – Centro di Servizio per il Volontariato, will ask the visitor for a small portion of time to support the community.

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    The Gift. On life and death