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    TB Art Passport
    TB Art Passport
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    Art Passport is a project born to be spread across Italy’s major cities in order to encourage the discovery of cultural sites by searching the rubber stamps made by contemporary artists. Each foundamental cultural site (museums, theatres, libraries, churches) is indeed marked with a rubber stamp, especially created by an artist, which is meant to be applied on the passport designed for this project.

    For commission of the City of Bergamo, The Blank realizes the pilot project Bergamo Art Passport, asking thirtyfive artists to create a rubber stamp, a little artwork infinitely expandable, following the route of the chosen sites. So the city becomes a potential collection, and the passport transforms itself from a simple folding pocket object to an artwork to hang.

    TB Bergamo Art Passport
    [=== TB == Bergamo == Art ==== Passport ==]

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    Bergamo Art Passport is a project for the promotion of culture and tourism created in 2015 in collaboration with the City of Bergamo. Bergamo Art Passport is a tool that shows the path and the network of most touristic, artistic and cultural institutions, facilitating the accessibility of the city and its culture. Each institution is represented by a rubber stamp, created and designed by a contemporary artist that anyone can collect for free on a specially made passport. Collecting artist’s rubber stamp while visiting the city is an enjoyable experience of cultural discovery.

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    TB Bergamo Art Passport